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All about our quarterly hymn sing evenings


At Longview Bible Fellowship, we do much more than just sing hymns.

Except once a quarter, when we set aside an evening just to sing the old hymns.  These evenings are proving to be popular with many visitors from a variety of churches (regardless of denomination) that concentrate on contemporary Christian music.

We don’t dislike all of the modern songs, but in our view they often lack the depth of meaning and poetical and musical excellence found in the old hymns.  

We are blessed with some good musical talent at LBF, and along with help from visiting musicians we are accompanied by an ensemble including the piano, woodwind, brasswind, and sometimes violins.

Often hymns sprang from an event in the life of the writer that brought them closer to God, or impressed them with some aspect of His character. When appropriate we try to give a brief account of the story behind the hymn, which can enable us to see an old hymn in a new light.

May we invite you to join us next time?


Fair question!  At the time of writing (May 2019) we have sung over 100 hymns at 7 “Hymn Sings”. (We didn’t keep count at first, so we can’t be sure of the exact number.) Each evening we devote a little over half the time to requests, the rest to hymns we pre-select.  On the selected hymns we have repeated only one - “Blessed Assurance”. Requested hymns tend to repeat more frequently. These include:

… … … and others.

For an alphabetical list of all the hymns we have sung, tap/click here.

We have also given the background stories to over 40 hymns.

We use the Gaither Publishing hymnal, “Worship His Majesty” so requested hymns need to be taken from that hymnal.  On the other hand if you would like to sing a hymn not in the book, if you tell us what it is in advance we will try to arrange for it to be sung at the next Hymn Sing.  We have access to many hymnals, as well as most of the “Singspiration” series.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this?